Two students, a small residential community and the great idea that will make the world a little bit better.

So start many successful or less successful stories and so it started with us. Over the years there have been so few success and happiness moments, lots of fun and of course setbacks. But the important point that, the Armedangels makes like no other, we have never lost sight of. We want beautiful products not just be a fashion label, but also the rest of the largest textile industry show that precisely this is another way. Without exploitation, child labor, environmental pollution and ever greater social inequality.


We think that we are on our way, the fairest fashion label in the world seriously, that's the plan we have already achieved much good stuff. With a lot of sweat, passion and your help, but will be sure to hear a lot more from us.

We love beautiful products because good design thrilled. High quality will feel comfortable and set trends arouses curiosity. But we want more.

We think biologically because we do love our environment. Bio for us is not a trend, but an attitude! Where else chemistry is used, we stand for environmentally-friendly production that protects man and nature.


We believe in the fairness in Fashion. We create the alternative. With us, fashion is beautiful and fair. Fair to the people without whom all this would not be possible: our employees. Whether German, Moroccan, Portuguese and Indians: We are a team. Therefore, we have to allow each individual claim fair pay and safe working conditions.

ARMEDANGELS blouse 10252000 lyn
€ 69.90 €10.00
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ARMEDANGELS t-shirt 1025155
€ 29.90 €10.00
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ARMEDANGELS top ela 10251394
€ 59.90 €10.00
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ARMEDANGELS top emily 51510103
€ 49.90 €10.00
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ARMEDANGELS t-shirt june 59990301
€ 29.90 €10.00
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